26 March 2019

Officer charged over leak of Max Hauke video

Innsbruck prosecutors have charged the police officer responsible for leaking a video of the arrest of Max Hauke during the doping raid at the Nordic Skiing World Championships in Seefeld earlier this year, reports the Tiroler Tageszeitung. ‘The police officer from Eastern Austria, who had a supporting role in the case, is accused of sending a video in which an athlete can be seen rein fusing blood, to a private WhatsApp group on the night of 28 February’, read a statement from prosecutors, reports the newspaper. ‘The video is considered an official secret, of which the official was only involved with because of his police activity and knowledge. By sharing it with a WhatsApp group he has violated this official secret. From this WhatsApp group, the video was then released [to the public].’

It is understood that the accused has confessed to the charge, and will appear before the Regional Court of Innsbruck on 3 April. If convicted, he could face up to three years in prison. As reported on The Sports Integrity Initiative, the footage of Hauke had generated over 227,000 views just five days after it appeared on YouTube. It is illegal to upload footage from somebody’s hotel room or home without their consent.

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