25th January 2016

Nine Russian athletes and a coach sanctioned for doping

Russia has sanctioned nine athletes and a coach for doping, however due to the current suspension of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), there appears to be some confusion over who is issuing the sanctions. The sanctioned athletes are:

• Irina Maracheva, silver medal winner in the 800m at the 2012 European Championships – two year ban;
Anna Lukyanova, Race-walker – two year ban;
• Maria Nikolaev, middle-distance runner – four year ban;
• Elena Nikulina (Елены Никулиной), understood to be a runner – four year ban;
• Alena Kudashkina, distance runner – 18 month ban;
• Victor Podoinikov, cycling/trek – nine month ban;
• Nikolay Denisov, cycling/trek – nine month ban;
• Olga Khydenko, cycling/trek – three years & six months ban;
• Artem Arsenov, triathlon – four year ban.

RUSADA also confirmed that athletics coach, Lyudmila Fedoriva has also been banned for four years by the Russian Athletics Federation (ARAF) for committing an ARDV. Her daughter and trainee, Alexandra Fedoriva, is a 2008 Beijing Olympics champion in the 4x100m relay. A statement issued on the RUSADA internet site said that ARAF had banned Kudashkina and Nikolaev due to abnormalities in the haematological profiles of their Athlete Biological Passports (ABP). The same statement also announced the bans issued to Nikulina and Fedoriva.

A Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) statement said that it had issued bans to Maracheva, Lukyanova based on information received from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). However, the same statement also claimed that it had issued the bans to Nikolaev and Kudashkina. The statement was released following the working session of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee of the ROC, which was chaired by Gennady Alyoshin. The source of the confusion is that according to RUSADA, the decisions were made by the All-Russian Athletics Federation (ARAF) on the basis of materials provided by the Disciplinary Anti-Doping Committee. Whereas in the ROC statement, the athletes are reported to be banned by the ROC.

The Associated Press have reported that Maracheva’s coach, speaking to Russia’s state TASS news agency, claimed the athlete was innocent and had unusual blood values because of a childhood head injury.

“Her blood values vary very strongly at altitude,” Zamira Zaitseva was quoted as saying.

Great Britain’s Lynsey Sharp, responded to the news by sharing a photo on Twitter:

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