9 January 2022

New Year, new Sports Integrity Initiative

In September 2014, The Sports Integrity Initiative (The SII) was launched to report, investigate and serve as a central resource for sports integrity matters. The SII sought to shine a light on aspects of sports integrity issues that were often not covered by the mainstream media, so that athletes and the wider public could be better informed.

The Sports Integrity Initiative has fulfilled what we originally set out to achieve. Most people hopefully now realise that anti-doping cases and other sports integrity issues are rarely black and white. 

Since its inception, I have run and edited The SII. Due to other commitments, I will be stepping back from my work on The SII. The SII will cease to publish media releases, news, and a weekly newsletter – there are now plenty of other sites that now do an excellent job in covering sports integrity issues.

I will continue to publish The SII Anti-Doping Monitor and will welcome relevant features from contributors. The SII will also republish articles from other organisations that cover sports integrity issues.

The Sports Integrity Initiative will remain online. However, it will continue in a limited format only. The SII currently generates no commercial revenue. The site features no advertising (although there is interest in this, I have not found the time to manage it appropriately).

If anybody is interested in sponsoring or funding The SII, so that I can commit more of my time to it again, then please get in touch. I will also be available for freelance work, which I will need to secure in order to keep the site online.

Finally, I would like to thank all contributors, readers and supporters of the SII as we look forward to the future.

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