21st August 2018

MSU requests stay as more Nassar victims come forward

Michigan State University (MSU) has reportedly lodged a court filing requesting a stay of all future lawsuits related to Dr. Larry Nassar, who was sentenced to between 40 and 175 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of sexual misconduct in January. It is understood that over 50 new lawsuits have been filed since MSU reached a US$500 million settlement with victims of Nassar in May. However, any new claimants face a 10 September deadline to file civil claims for compensation against MSU.

Since the original settlement, MSU has created a $75 million fund to cover legal expenses and pay ‘new’ claimants who were not part of the 333 victims who settled under the original $500 million agreement. However, due to changes regarding the Statute of Limitations for sexual assault cases passed by the Michigan Legislature earlier this year, civil claimants face the 10 September deadline in order to receive any of the $75 million set aside by MSU.

Senate Bills 871 and 872 took effect on 12 June (see below). Amongst other changes, they mandated that victims who were minors (under 18) when sexually assaulted by Nassar hold a retroactive right to civil litigation against Nassar for acts of sexual assault dating back to 1997. It gave claimants 90 days in which to file claims, hence the 10 September deadline.

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