12th December 2016

Media Statement to the publication of McLaren Report II on 9 December 2016

Berlinger security bottles help detect tampering with anti-doping samples.

Berlinger Special AG has noted with great interest the extensively documented findings of McLaren Report II (on the independent investigation commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency into alleged doping at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games), which was presented to the public by Professor Richard McLaren in London on Friday 9 December. Berlinger Special AG has been helping to ensure clean and fair sporting competition for decades by producing specially developed bottles to keep anti-doping samples secure; and its BEREG Kit bottles for urine and blood samples remain the most suitable and reliable containers for such purposes among anti-doping authorities all over the world.

Conclusive investigation results thanks to Berlinger technology

The security features of the anti-doping bottles produced by Berlinger Special AG, which have been developed and refined using high-tech procedures, played no small part in enabling the McLaren investigative team to present such conclusive findings in its two reports. BEREG Kit security bottles clearly reveal to any investigating authorities or specially trained anti-doping agents whether they have been improperly opened or otherwise tampered with. These security features, which have been developed using the latest available technologies, make the bottles “tamper-evident”, meaning that any unauthorized activity on them will always be detectable to the specialist eye.

Strict product security and suitability tests

The security bottles of the BEREG Kits produced by Berlinger Special AG are being constantly further developed and refined, and are regularly subjected to rigorous security checks by an independent body. It is only after such extensive testing that the bottles are declared “tamper-evident” by a state-certificated Swiss testing institute. The ability to detect any tampering with anti-doping bottles is of crucial importance in both internal and independent external testing procedures.

BEREG Kit security bottles are being constantly further developed

The security bottles of the BEREG Kit are also being permanently further developed and refined to prevent the falsification or manipulation of the anti-doping samples they contain. The expertise of Berlinger Special AG in this field is unequalled worldwide. The development steps here, along with the frequency of new product releases, are highly confidential and known only to a small circle within the Berlinger Special AG product development team. The latest version of the BEREG Kit security bottles was brought to market a few weeks ago on 15 November. This latest version supersedes the BEREG Kits which were used at the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Berlinger Special AG is committed to clean and fair sporting competition

Berlinger Special AG fully supports the World Anti-Doping Agency in all its actions and endeavours to ensure clean and fair sporting competition.

• This media release was originally published on the Berlinger Special AG internet site on 12 December 2016. To view the original, please click here.

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