Press releases 11 March 2016

Letter from WADA’s Athlete Committee to Sir Craig Reedie

Dear President, dear Sir Craig:

The WADA Athletes’ Committee met today in Canmore, Alberta. The most important discussion item for us, as the voice and representatives of clean athletes world-wide, was the request we put forth in November to the WADA Foundation Board: a request to extend the mandate of the Independent Commission. We are of the firm opinion that there needs to be further investigation into other sports in Russia, and other countries identified in the report.

Since November, we have received many calls and requests from athletes and athlete committees, from many sports, across many nations, for the same. Today we considered those, and have again reviewed the detailed content of the report issued in November, during an in-camera session. Many comments and statements within the report indicate that other sports and countries are implicated, and as such, require further investigation.

Our view as a committee is that the response to date – to such an evidence-based, incriminating report – has been unsatisfactory, and we wish to express our strong position, once again, in renewing our call for WADA to extend the mandate of the Independent Commission to sports in Russia other than athletics, as well as other countries named in the report.

WADA states clearly that it supports clean athletes and at the moment, clean athletes are disappointed with the lack of action that has been taken. The principles of fair sport are very close to our hearts. We believe that extending the mandate will be a sign of our commitment to clean sport, and a sign that the voice of the clean athlete is being heard.

In addition, we as a committee wish to publicly announce our strong support and gratitude to the whistleblowers, Vitaly and Yuliya. They have made a courageous contribution to the anti-doping movement and to clean athletes in particular. Their bravery and risk-taking has brought about personal changes to their way of life which are substantial. We recognize them for their contribution, and we trust that the world of sport will likewise support and appreciate them.

Yours sincerely,

Beckie Scott
WADA Athletes’ Committee

• This media release was originally published on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) internet site on 11 March 2016. Click here to view the original.

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