17 September 2021

Launch of The SII Anti-Doping Monitor

The Sports Integrity Initiative is launching a new feature – The SII Anti-Doping Monitor. Each week, The Sports Integrity Initiative will attempt to track all new developments in anti-doping procedures involving athletes. Below is this week’s effort, which involves 19 people (17 of them athletes) from 12 countries; and eleven sports.

The SII Anti-Doping Monitor will only include anti-doping cases that have been verified as being in progress by the Results Management Authority. It will only include case developments that occur during the given week. It will attempt to include accurate information about what stage in proceedings an athlete’s case has reached. 

Have they been provisionally suspended after an adverse analytical finding (AAF), commonly known as a ‘positive test’? Or have they been found guilty of an Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV)? Is an Appeal in progress? Who is appealing and at what level is the appeal taking place?

We are keen to hear your ideas about how The SII Anti-Doping Monitor could be enhanced. For example, should all cases that involve sporting integrity be included, or should this feature remain specific to anti-doping? 

Also, if you’re an athlete or a National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) or other Results Management Authority and we’ve missed a case that you’re involved with, please get in touch. You can email the editor of The Sports Integrity Initiative, with any ideas or thoughts, by clicking here.

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