25 January 2017

Latest IAAF sanction list includes lifetime ban for Brazilian coach

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) latest list of athletes sanctioned for a doping offence includes a lifetime ban issued to Ronaldo Quirino de Moraes, a Brazilian athletics coach, after his wife and son testified that he had administered erythropoietin (EPO) to them. Brazilian marathon runner Sueli Pereira (pictured) missed out on the Rio 2016 Olympics despite achieving the qualifying time, after she was issued with a four-year ban by the Brazilian athletics confederation (CBAt) last year.

Pereira returned an adverse analytical finding (AAF) for EPO on 31 December 2015 at the ‘Corrida Internacional de São Silvestre’ in Sao Paulo. Quirino’s son, Ronald Moraes Silva, was also issued with a four-year ban by the CBAt last year, after returning an AAF during the XXXII Race of Kings on 10 January last year. The IAAF notice confirms the lifetime ban issued to Ronaldo Pereira by the CBAt on 23 November last year.

The sanction list also confirms that the IAAF has issued a ten-year ban to Vladimir Mokhnev, which will not expire until 22 December 2026. Mokhnev is coach to Russian 800m runner Anastasiya Bazdyreva. On 23 December last year the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) confirmed that she would be issued with a two-year ban and Mokhnev with a ten-year ban. Bazdyreva appeared to confess to using steroids in an August 2015 ARD documentary (11:45) in August 2015.

In March last year, an ARD documentary showed footage of Mokhnev training athletes despite him being provisionally suspended since 2015 due to proceedings brought against him for violation of IAAF anti-doping rules. He also coached Yuliya Stepanova, who alleged that Mokhnev had encouraged her to dope.

The IAAF sanction list also includes a four-year ban issued to Romanian distance runner Maria Magdalena Luca, after she returned an AAF at the National Marathon Championships in Bucharest on 9 October last year. Her ban will expire on 13 November 2020.

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