27th April 2015

IWF: All doping cases from 2014 World Championships closed

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has announced that all doping cases from the 2014 World Championships have now been closed. Eight weightlifters were provisionally suspended after failing doping tests at the World Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan, last year. They included North Korea’s Kim Un Ju, who tested positive for methyltestosterone and methandriol; Albania’s Daniel Godelli, who tested positive for stanozolol; Romela Begaj and Hysen Pulaku of Albania; and Manzurahon Mamasaliyeva, Marina Sisoeva and Makhliyo Togoeva of Uzbekistan.

‘In line with the relevant Articles of the IWF Anti-Doping Policy the Athletes’ results have been modified in the IWF website’, read an IWF statement. ‘The medal reallocation procedures will take place accordingly’.

However, North Korea’s Hwa Ri Jong, a 2014 silver medalist in the women’s 58kg category who tested positive for clenbuterol, escaped a sanction. ‘After a careful consideration, the IWF Hearing Panel has decided that no suspension shall be applied in the case of Ms. Jong Hwa Ri’, continued the statement. ‘However in line with Article 9 of the Code and IWF Anti-Doping Policy, the Panel had no choice but to the disqualify her results from the 2014 World Championships. The Athlete is eligible to compete and shall be treated accordingly.’ The IWF said that a sanction had also been imposed on an athlete support personnel, which must be recognised by all national associations due to the principle of mutual recognition.

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