9th November 2017

Italian cycling list includes 350 people subject to doping sanctions

A total of 350 people under the jurisdiction of the Italian cycling federation (FCI) are currently subject to doping sanctions, a list published by the FCI indicates. Most of the cyclists are amateurs, but the list also includes sports directors and managers.

The Sports Integrity Initiative discovered the list when researching recent doping sanctions confirmed by Italy’s anti-doping agency (NADO Italia). Two cyclists were sanctioned after the XC Del Santo Trophy Corratec mountain bike event on 21 May. This included a two year ban issued to Emanuele Dapiran and a two year ban issued to Stefano Zanini (not to be confused with the Tour de France 2000 stage winner of the same name).

A minor cyclist had been sanctioned with a four year ban from 7 November, NADO Italia also confirmed. Amateur cyclist Andrea Sanvido was also sanctioned with a four year ban from 7 November, NADO Italia announced.

NADO Italia also confirmed that Alessandra Brunelli has been sanctioned with a four month ban from 7 November. The triathlete was provisionally suspended in June following an AAF.

NADO Italia has also confirmed that a number of athletes have returned AAFs. This includes tennis player Marco Giuseppe Baglivo, who has been provisionally suspended after an AAF for THC metabolites (cannabis) at the A1 Championship Series in Genoa on 15 October.

Wushu athlete Francesco Bocca has been provisionally suspended after returning an AAF for furosemide on 14 October. Weightlifters Cinzia Pecoraro and Giovanni Vernile have been provisionally suspended after reporting AAFs for ostarine.

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