News 4th November 2015

ICSS repeats call for global approach to sports integrity

The International Centre for Sports Security (ICSS) repeated its call for a global, wholistic approach to sports integrity at Securing Sport 2015 in New York, however the mechanics of how that will happen remain unclear. “Sport is not just in trouble, it is in the midsts of catastrophe”, ICSS Europe CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros told delegates. “Enough is enough. I feel that the moment has come to start a new era. An international global integrity platform for sport.” Medeiros made a similar presentation at Play The Game in Denmark last week.

Medeiros said that he has been talking to “sporting federations, NGOs and governments” about setting up such a platform. “We are listening and, obviously, we are interested in being at the forefront of such a discussion because it’s a discussion about the future of sport”, he said. “This is not a convenience, this is a necessity. We expect to bring expertise, solutions, to have a set of common principles and a set of universally recognised standards that can contribute to enhance the way the game is governed, the way financial integrity occurs and sports betting integrity. I have been calling and urging those who have responsibility to unite forces and implement long overdue reforms. It’s not just about the sports governing bodies. They do not have the legal means, they do not have the jurisdiction, they do not have the responsibility to tackle organised crime. They do not have the responsibility to tackle transnational money laundering. This calls, truly, for a coalition. Recognition of the significance of sport, its social function, its economic dimension and its role in our society and education.”

Medeiros was coy about what form any new integrity platform might take, however he said that he “doesn’t envision” another body similar to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). “I have my own opinion, but in my mind, I do not have anything similar to that.”

The next stage will be to “intensify discussions, consultations and roll up our sleeves and work together to design what will be the principles, what will be the areas, what will be the tools and the contributions – not just in words, but in complete work to help sport, work alongside sport, respecting their structures, but also providing the ammunition they need and the ethics that they require to safeguard the reputation and therefore the integrity of sport. This is not steady waters, this is not small talk. We need action. We will find a way.”

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