14th November 2020

IBU’s Independent External Review Commission announces completion of investigation

The Chairman of the IBU’s External Review Commission (ERC), Jonathan Taylor QC, reported to the 14th Ordinary IBU Congress today that the ERC has completed its investigation and has drafted a detailed report. Mr Taylor noted the ERC has concluded that the IBU did not transfer any ‘dirty’ Athletes Biological Passport profiles to the Russian Biathlon Union or RUSADA to be buried.

However, the ERC has made a number of provisional findings that certain individuals have cases to answer for breaches of the IBU rules in the period 2008-2018. Those individuals have now been given a chance to comment on the draft report, and once their comments (if any) have been considered, the ERC will finalise and publish its report, most likely in December. Moreover, criminal investigations in Austria and Norway against former IBU officials are still ongoing. Mr Taylor further congratulated the IBU on its efforts in strengthening its governance systems and institutional integrity, namely through the adoption of a state-of-the-art Constitution and the establishment of the Biathlon Integrity Unit in 2019.

Where the ERC’s final report concludes that individuals have cases to answer for breach of the IBU rules, it will be up to the Biathlon Integrity Unit to conduct the necessary follow-up, including determining whether disciplinary action should be taken against those individuals. The Integrity Unit will also take over the responsibility of supporting the criminal authorities as necessary from the IBU’s side, as the mandate of the ERC ends with the publication of its final report.

During its two year-long investigation the independent ERC worked closely with the WADA I&I department and criminal authorities in Austria and Norway. The commission collected and reviewed over 70,000 documents and electronic files including criminal files, WADA investigation files, IBU internal documents, documents provided by RBU and RUSADA, and analytical data from IBU testing and WADA-accredited analysis of doping samples. In addition, the commission interviewed approximately 60 people.

• This media release was published by the International Biathlon Union (IBU) on 14 November 2020. Click here for the original.

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