11th September 2019

IBU Anti-Doping Hearing Panel dismisses charges against nine Kazakh biathletes

The Anti-Doping Hearing Panel (ADHP) of the International Biathlon Union has issued its decisions on the cases against nine Kazakh biathletes, who were alleged to have used, attempted to use and possessed a prohibited method under Articles 2.2 and 2.6 of the IBU Anti-Doping Rules (ADR). In the cases of Darya Klimina-Ussanova, Galina Vishnevskaya, Alina Raikova, Olga Poltoranina, Yan Savitsky, Maxim Braun, Anna Kistanova, Anton Pantov, and Vassily Potkorytov, the ADHP concluded that the evidence presented before the Panel does not justify the conclusion to the comfortable satisfaction of the Panel that a prohibited method was involved.

The ADHP ruled that:

• The IBU’s request for a finding of anti-doping rule violations, committed by the Athletes is dismissed for all nine cases.
• The provisional suspensions imposed on the Athletes by the IBU in November 2018 are lifted with immediate effect. The provisional suspension against Galina Vishnevskaya was lifted by CAS Order already in February 2019.
• The Athlete’s request for a contribution towards the Athlete’s legal and other costs related to this proceedings to be paid by the IBU is dismissed, as well as all further requests by the IBU and the Athletes.

• This media release was published by the International Biathlon Union (IBU) on 11 September 2019. Click here for the original.

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