2nd November 2018

IAAF Vetting Panel Chair resigns

The IAAF today (2 November 2018) accepted the resignation of Vetting Panel Chair, Barrister Akere Muna. Mr Muna, who was a candidate in the recent Presidential election in the Republic of Cameroon, tendered his resignation following a judgment by the Cameroon courts based on what he describes as a politically motivated accusation. He is actively appealing the judgment.

Mr Muna was appointed Chair of the IAAF Vetting Panel in February 2017 and together with Mr Don MacKinnon and Prof. Dr. Mark Pieth established the IAAF inaugural Vetting Panel and delivered over two hundred and sixty (260) vetting decisions in this time. In his resignation, Mr Muna said:

“I have spent the last twenty-five years defending the cause of ethics and good governance in my country and across the globe, often leading to reprisals from the status quo. Whilst I am saddened to leave the IAAF I am confident that my resignation under these circumstances will only reinforce the ideals of ethics and integrity which the IAAF now represents and promotes. I am proud of the work that the Vetting Panel has undertaken and the role we have played in the important reforms that are being implemented across the sport of athletics. I am also confident that, with the other members of the Panel who are world-acclaimed experts, the foundation has been laid for this pioneer process to remain sustainable.”

Commenting on the resignation, IAAF President, Sebastian Coe said: “I would like to thank Mr Muna on behalf of the IAAF Council and his colleagues on the Vetting Panel for the sterling work he has done in establishing the IAAF Vetting Panel and reviewing over 200 individual applications. His decision to resign at this time is testament to the high standards of integrity he holds himself to and that he brought to the position and work conducted by the IAAF Vetting Panel.”

The IAAF Vetting Panel will now be chaired by existing member Don Mackinnon, in an acting capacity subject to formal approval by the IAAF Council, and recruitment will begin to find a third person to join the Panel.

• This media release was published by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) on 2 November 2018. Click here for the original.

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