31 January 2017

IAAF response to Ethics Board decision concerning three IAAF employees

The independent IAAF Ethics Board at the conclusion of the disciplinary investigative process has today delivered its decision concerning three IAAF employees – click here.

IAAF statement

Following a full and thorough investigation by the IAAF Ethics Board into three IAAF employees, the IAAF has taken the following actions with respect to Nick Davies, Jane Boulter-Davies and Pierre-Yves Garnier. All three have received sanctions by the Ethics Board with Pierre-Yves Garnier (3 months) and Jane Boulter-Davies (6 months) having served their suspensions. The sanction imposed on Nick Davies is that he does not return to his role or any other role at the IAAF. He is, however, able to continue to work in athletics in other roles within other organisations.

Taking into consideration these sanctions, Pierre-Yves Garnier and Jane Boulter-Davies will be returning to the IAAF tomorrow. Pierre-Yves returns in his existing role as Medical & Scientific Senior Manager, while Jane returns as Special Project Manager in the Competitions Department on a six month probation with the aim of full reinstatement if probation conditions are met. Nick will not be returning to the IAAF.

Commenting on the decision, IAAF CEO Olivier Gers said: “We thank the Ethics Board, in particular Sir Anthony Hooper, for the detailed investigation and would like to acknowledge the Ethics Board’s findings that none of the individuals had any case to answer with regards to corruption and all three were commended on their efforts to ensure cheats in the sport were properly identified and brought to justice.”

• This media release was originally published by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) on 31 January 2017. To access the original, please click here.

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