27th October 2020

GosTech to create internal communications system for Russian sport

Russia’s Ministry of Sport is participating in an experimental State project entitled GosTech (ГосТех), designed to transfer all Russian State departments onto a single online IT platform. GosTech will allow Russian State departments to communicate with businesses and citizens directly, rather than through announcements made via their internet sites. As such, it will allow the Ministry of Sport, coaches and businesses to communicate privately with Russian athletes.

‘The unified digital platform will allow Russians to use a convenient online recording system for sports training, interact with coaches and sports centres, and will significantly simplify attending sport competitions by enabling the purchase of tickets for events via the internet’, read a Ministry of Sport  statement. A decree published by Russia’s legal information portal explains that several government departments are taking part in the experimental launch next year, which is designed to ‘improve the efficiency of information interaction between citizens, state bodies and commercial organisations’. 

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