21st December 2016

GBR Lead Boycott Of WC 8 In Tyumen RUS

Further to our comments on the McLaren Report (16 Dec), there have been some fast moving developments. The IBU was informed late on Mon 19 Dec that The Board of the British Biathlon Union had taken the unanimous decision that GBR will not compete at BWC 8 in Tyumen March 2017. This follows the brain-washed, deluded and dishonest comments of Russian WC athletes that McLaren is about Politics, not sport and the unprecedented booing of the Russian female athlete who won the Sprint at WC 2 last weekend in Nove Mesto. Moreover, the Board felt that the whole integrity of the very successful London 2012 Olympic Games has been called into question. Finally, many of the results from Sochi must be regarded as “a joke”.

On Tuesday morning (20 Dec) The Czech Republic withdrew their teams (placed 3rd in Nations Cup (Women), and 6th (Men) and will not compete in Russia again until WADA and the IOC have given their approval that Russian Anti-Doping procedures are “clean”. That afternoon Norway demanded that IBU strip of all sanctioned biathlon events until the procedures are “clean” and also immediately ban all named Russian biathletes in the (confidential section of the) McLaren report. If these demands are not met Norway will consider boycotting all events in RUS.

There is an emergency IBU Executive Meeting this Thursday 22 December. We will be surprised, and very disappointed, if the IBU do not agree with the comments of ourselves, CZE and NOR and re-locate WC 8 and the Youth / Junior World Champs from RUS this winter.

• This media release was originally published by the British Biathlon Union on 21 December 2016. To access the original, please click here.

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