News 23rd March 2020

Footballer sanctioned with one year ban due to doctor’s incompetence

Dr. Johnson said that he had ‘panicked and lied’…

A young Bury FC footballer has been sanctioned with a backdated one year ban after the club’s former Doctor provided fraudulent information about a therapeutic use expedition (TUE), after forgetting to apply on the player’s behalf. Dr. Andrew Johnson, who also worked with Manchester City, has already been sanctioned with a four year ban. On Friday, UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) announced that the footballer – understood to be a minor at the time of the offence – has also been sanctioned with a one year ban, which expired on 31 January.

Dr. Johnson told the player the TUE was ‘sorted’, although it wasn’t…

In June 2018, the player saw his GP about health issues, after which he underwent blood tests, reveals the Football Association Regulatory Commission Decision (PDF below). In October 2018, it was advised that he speak to Bury FC’s Dr. Andrew Johnson about his treatment plan, and on 19 October it became clear that he would require a TUE. Dr. Johnson didn’t advise that the player should stop taking his medication until the TUE was approved, and told him that the situation had been sorted out, despite not having applied for a TUE.

At a 31 January 2019 doping control, the player declared his medication on the Doping Control Form (DCF). However, no AAF was recorded. On 15 March, the UK Anti-Doping requested further analysis of the sample, after the FA highlighted that the player’s Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) filings had flagged concerns. This further analysis identified the AAF.

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