8th August 2020

Follow up statement: CSA responds to attacks on the integrity of the match fixing investigations and allegations of unfairness and bias

Following Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) statement issued on 7 August, CSA notes various allegations made in the media about the findings of the CSA Anti-Corruption Unit’s investigations into the 2015 Ram Slam match fixing incident, and the ensuing findings within the unit and within courts of law. CSA followed due process in all aspects of the investigations into that incident, and all cricket players that were implicated where provided with legal advice and representation by the players’ union.

If there is credible evidence that players who signed admission of guilt documents did so under duress or coercion, without full due process, or if the process was compromised in any way, CSA will ensure that the relevant bodies give these issues appropriate attention, and will review the cases as appropriate. CSA affirms that it has no influence or bearing on any cases investigated by the Hawks, on any findings on cases prosecuted by the National Prosecuting Authority, or on the findings of judges. Should any party wish to appeal the findings of a court of law, they would need to proceed through the appropriate legal processes.

• This media release was published by Cricket South Africa (CSA) on 8 August 2020. Click here for the original.

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