1 October 2018

Ferdinand Omanyala & coach banned

Ferdinand Omanyala and his coach have been sanctioned with bans after the Kenyan sprinter returned an adverse analytical finding (AAF) for the glucocorticoid betamethasone, a sanctioning update from the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) confirms (PDF below). Omanyala has been sanctioned with a 14 month ban, whilst his coach, Duncan Ayiemba, has been sanctioned with a two year ban for ‘administration or attempted administration of betamethasone’.

The list also confirms that boxer Michael Ogunda Odhiambo has been sanctioned with a four year ban after testing positive for cannabis. The lengthly sanction is in marked contrast to bans issued by other national anti-doping organisations (NADOs) for the same substance, which typically range from two months to under two years.

ADAK also lists the International Association of Athletics Federations’ (IAAF) successful appeal to extend a ban applicable to Benjamin Ngandu Ndegwa to four years. The distance runner was initially sanctioned with a 20-month ban after testing positive for exogenous norandrosterone, which ADAK lists as ‘endogenous’ (internal).

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