3rd July 2020

Evgeny Yurchenko Comment on World Athletics Statement

“The decisions made in yesterday’s World Athletics statement left me deeply disappointed. Failure to issue a neutral status is a severe blow to athletes. I already said earlier and I did not change my opinion, that in my opinion, linking the issue of a neutral status with the payment of a fine in the Lysenko case is an unacceptable step, but World Athletics took this step. I am very sorry that in this situation the main blow – a terrible, catastrophic one – falls on our athletes, who are hostages of the mistakes that were made by people known to us in the previous period.

“The payment of fines in the current economic situation turned out to be unbearable for us. The federation does not have such funds. The global economic crisis associated with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic did not pass RusAF by, which was in an extremely unstable financial condition even before the pandemic. No funds were found.

“I commented earlier and I want to repeat, we cannot solve the problem of paying fines on our own. Moreover, on our part, everything possible was done regarding the search for these funds.

World Athletics, unfortunately, refuses to take into account the economic and epidemiological situation, and the damage that was caused by the pandemic in Russia and the world. We will continue negotiations on possible ways out of this crisis.”

• This is a translated version of a media release published by the Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF) on 3 July 2020. Click here for the original (in Russian).

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