7th January 2021

Czech cyclocross champion considering appeal against four year ban

Emil Hekele is considering appealing a four year ban imposed by the Czech Cycling Federation for an anti-doping rule violation (ADRV) involving oxandrolone and clenbuterol. The Czech cyclocross champion argues that he has never taken any prohibited substances and that correct procedures were not followed during his sample collection, adding that he may have been targeted due to past criticism of Czech cyclocross. In announcing Hekele’s sanction, the Czech Cycling Federation speculated that it could mean the end of the 43 year old’s career.

Trace amounts of oxandrolone and clenbuterol were found during an out of competition urine test at the end of a national training camp on 9 September. Hekele argues that a September 2020 blood test returned a negative result, one of four negative test results during 2020.

‘The Doping Control Officers (DCOs) did not conduct procedures in accordance with applicable standards and regulations’, Hekele writes on Facebook (see below). ‘For about ten minutes, the DCOs did not have the urine sample under their control. They then stated in the minutes that everything was fine. They thus demonstrably lied. I have repeatedly requested the personal participation of these key witnesses, but the [Czech] Anti-Doping Committee did not comply with my request. The DCOs did not testify in person. Such an attitude from the Anti-Doping Committee is striking to me, given that it is publicly funded.’

‘I spent four fateful days at the national team meeting and received a four year ban’, Hekele continues in the above post. ‘I could easily have been targeted. The public, ignorant of the situation in Czech cyclocross, cannot understand this. I think I will write a book if I find enough motivation and time for it.’ 

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