26th May 2021

Cross-country skier Anna Shevchenko (KAZ) sanctioned

Cross-country skier Anna Shevchenko (KAZ) sanctioned with anti-doping rule violation based on Whereabouts failures. On 27th April 2021, the Independent Anti-Doping Delegate of FIS (IADD) found Anna Shevchenko (KAZ) guilty of violating the FIS Anti-Doping Rules.

The decision sanctioned Shevchenko for a violation of Article 2.4 of the 2019 FIS Anti-Doping Rules because of a Whereabouts failure (three unsuccessful testing missions within 12 months during the year 2020) for one (1) year until 26 April 2022. The athlete did not request a hearing and therefore the case was adjudicated by the Independent Anti-Doping Delegate based on Art. 8.3 of the FIS Anti-Doping Rules.

The athlete immediately accepted the charges brought forward against her, as well as agreed to an ineligibility. In the absence of any aggravating circumstances and in light of the Athlete’s cooperation, the IADD found a period of ineligibility of one (1) year to be the appropriate sanction in the present case.

• This media release was published by the international ski federation (FIS) on 26 May 2021. Click here for the original.

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