7th August 2020

Cameroon suspends Karate officials after sexual assault allegations

Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, Cameroon’s Minister of Sport, has provisionally suspended Emmanuel Wakam, President Cameroon’s karate federation (FECAKADA) and five other officials. A statements issued by Kombi (below), outlined the suspension of Wakam. A second statement outlined the provisional suspension of Jean Mbopda, Deputy National Technical Director (2); Marie Ngo Simb II, national women’s team Coach; Jean Francis Esse, national junior team coach; Germain Ambani, national junior team assistant coach; and Stephan Bodo Nsioma, regional Coach for the Centre Region.

Decision to suspend the President of the executive board of the Cameroon Karate Federation

Posted by Professeur Narcisse MOUELLE KOMBI on Friday, 7 August 2020

Decision to suspend Officials of the Cameroon Karate Federation

Posted by Professeur Narcisse MOUELLE KOMBI on Friday, 7 August 2020

Wakam has been accused of multiple counts of sexual assault. The allegations against Wakam were outlined in a ‘Rapport sur les Violences Sexuelles dans le Karate au Cameroun’, by the Cercle des Ceintures Noires de Karaté du Centre (Circle of Karate Black Belts Centre), issued on 7 July. 


Posted by Boris Bertolt on Tuesday, 14 July 2020

The World Karate Federation (WKF) has confirmed that it is waiting for Cameroon’s Courts of Justice to issue a ruling. Wakram denies the charges, and FECAKADA has appealed against them.

‘The World Karate Federation has been informed of the situation, and the development of the case has been followed closely by our organisation through the WKF Safe Karate procedures’, read an emailed statement from the WKF. ‘Also, as indicated in the WKF Safe Sport Policy, all parties have been contacted by the WKF accordingly and have been referred to the WKF Safe Sport Policy.

‘While we continue to closely monitor the situation, we at the WKF are waiting to receive the reactions and conclusions from the Cameroon National Authorities and the Cameroon Courts of Justice. It is worth stressing though that the National Federation has appealed against the accusations. The issue is currently sub-judice and the WKF is expecting a swift clarification and resolution by the national courts of justice.’

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