News 27th April 2021

Bulgaria: 15 adverse analytical findings reported in 2020

The Bulgarian anti-doping centre (BADC) reported 15 adverse analytical findings (AAFs) during 2020, 1.6% of the 931 tests it conducted during the year. Two of the AAFs involved tests that the BADC was commissioned to carry out by other anti-doping organisations (ADOs) and resulted in a weightlifter reporting an AAF for testosterone.

Of the 931 tests, 469 were conducted in competition (IC) and 462 out of competition (OOC), however the BADC focussed its efforts on OOC tests. Of the 811 tests that the BADC commissioned during the year, 445 were OOC and 366 IC.

The majority of tests conducted by the BADC involved urine. There were 90 blood tests and 24 tests to build parameters for the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) during 2020. The most commonly detected substance was hydrochlorothiazide, which resulted in three AAFs.

A total of 44 samples – 20 IC and 24 OOC – were taken from swimmers during the year, with the majority taken from athletes who compete in 100m or less. Earlier this month, the Bulgarian Swimming Federation (Българска федерация плувни спортове) claimed to have cleared its name, after it supplied supplements alleged to be responsible for athlete AAFs to a Laboratory for testing.

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