20th December 2016

Birkirkara FC player under investigation for alleged match-fixing

Maltese football club Birkirkara FC confirmed that one of its players is under investigation, after reports alleged that players at the club had been involved with match-fixing. ‘The Birkirkara FC committee received information about suspect behaviour of one of its players, and it passed on this information to the competent authorities immediately, for due investigation’, read a statement. ‘The committee would like to appeal for caution, and to let the competent authorities carry out their investigations’.

The club has also denied accusations made by the player concerned, goalkeeper Miroslav Kopric, that club officials took him to a garage and ordered him to confess to match-fixing allegations, which he denies. ‘Birkirkara FC’s committee is denying categorically the false accusation of kidnapping, in any sense of the word, Mr. Miroslav Kopric’, read a statement. ‘The committee members did not at any point coerce Mr. Kopric, or made him act against his own free will at any time. At no point did the committee members act unlawfully, or take the law in their hands.’

Kopric alleged that he had been kidnapped by Birkirkara FC President Adrian Delia and six other people. “Club President Adrian Delia and six people kidnapped me and took me to a garage in a nearby town”, he told Serbian newspaper Kurir. “He asked me to tell him the names of people who had participated in the allegedly fixed games. Since I did not participate in any fixing, I told them to feel free to turn to the police. After they took my two mobile phones and my laptop, they said that the will take it to the police.”  Kopric has since been arrested by police, reports the Times of Malta.

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