Tim Walters

Dr. Tim Walters, who previously wrote a 10-point plan to revolutionise FIFA, works as a College Professor at Okanagan College in British Columbia, Canada. He writes about Slavoj Žižek, football, radical politics, and late-capitalism from a Marxist perspective. He is the author of a book-length study of the ideological function and revolutionary potential of the commanding heights of modern football — the Premier League, UEFA Champion’s League, and FIFA World Cup — from a Žižekian perspective. For his sins, he supports Middlesbrough FC.

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Opportunity from uncertainty: Inventing the future of football

In the midst of our global pandemic, the football world finds itself entangled in a vast and intricate Gordian knot of scheduling logjams, contractual obligations, and financial relationships from which there appears to be no clear way to proceed. Understandably, the rush is to get football and the football...

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