Thomas Terraz

Thomas Terraz is pursuing the International and European Law programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Currently in his third year, he is completing a specialization in European Law and intends to follow a master’s degree in the same field. Additionally, he is a native English speaker, fluent in French and has a good understanding of Dutch. In his free time, he loves travelling, cycling, listening to music, and enjoys reading an exciting fantasy novel. At the Asser Institute, he is assisting Dr. Antoine Duval in the field of International Sports Law. His main interests in this field concern issues around the autonomy of sports federations and the extent of application of EU Law to sports.

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(A)Political Games? Ubiquitous Nationalism and the IOC’s Hypocrisy

Sport Nationalism is Politics Despite all efforts, the Olympic Games has been and will be immersed in politics. Attempts to shield the Games from social and political realities are almost sure to miss their mark and potentially risk being disproportionate. Moreover, history has laid bare the shortcomings of the...


Balancing Athlete Interests and The Olympic Partner Programme: the Bundeskartellamt’s Rule 40 Decision

Introduction The International Olympic Committee (IOC), after many years of ineffective pushback (see here, here and here) over bye law 3 of Rule 401 of the Olympic Charter (OC), which restricts the ability of athletes and their entourage to advertise themselves during the ‘blackout’ period2 (also known as the ‘frozen...

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