Steven V. Selthoffer

Steven V. Selthoffer is the CEO of Athletes V Alliance, an organisation designed to champion the cause of athletes worldwide. He is also a regular contributor to Swimming World magazine. A communications executive living in Germany, Selthoffer swam for U.S. Olympic coach Dr. James E. Counsilman, Indiana University. He has worked for Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile on a number of large projects. Selthoffer also has a background in relief aid, security and international relations. He has testified before the OSCE, a joint session of the U.S. House and Senate of Congress on international relations and security. He has also worked in cooperation with the U.S. State Department and other agencies on relief aid and various issues.

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Features 04/08/2016

The Verbruggen documents: what did WADA know and when?

Athletes V Alliance (AVA) recently received documents including two letters from Hein Verbruggen, former President of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and honorary member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The first is a detailed 17 page letter addressed to members of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Foundation Board...

Features 03/05/2016

Opinion: Failure of WADA Communications & the power of condemnation

The issues created by how the anti-doping community has handled meldonium’s addition to the Prohibited List has polarised opinion. In this opinion piece, Steven Selthoffer examines why so many athletes were unaware that meldonium had been added to the 2016 Prohibited List and explores the lack of incentive for...

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