Steve Menary

Regular contributor on sport and business to World Soccer magazine, the BBC World Service and Lectured on sport at the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre, Southampton Solent University, the University of Winchester and the University of East London. Author of six books on sport, including Outcasts! The Lands That FIFA Forgot (Know The Score 2007, second edition Pitch 2012), GB United? British Olympic football and the end of the amateur dream (Pitch 2010) and A Friendly Business? (CIES 2019). Long-listed for the best column award in the 2015 Sport Media Pearl Awards and shortlisted for the 2008 National Sporting Club football book of the year award. Coordinator of the Erasmus+ programme Combating Match Fixing in Club Football Non-Competitive Matches.

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Multi-club ownership in football challenges governance at many levels

• New research by Play the Game shows that multi-club ownership (MCO) is growing in football. 156 clubs from around the world are part of 60 MCO groups, and the phenomenon raises new questions of governance for everyone from international football federations to clubs, players, and fans. This article...


Friendly matches between clubs are wide open for match-fixing

As football prepares to resume in Europe after the worst of the Covid-19 virus appears to have passed, clubs are beginning their preparations with friendly matches against each other. After the sport’s enforced absence, these supposedly non-competitive games will be far more important than normal for fans and bookmakers, but...

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