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Steve Maxwell and Joe Harris are Co-Editors of The Outer Line: The External Perspective on Pro Cycling - a website focused on the governance, structural, ethical and economic issues involved in pro cycling. A listing of their recent writings can be found here:

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How Cycling Can Avoid Sports-washing

Recently, The Outer Line examined the complex moral dilemmas cycling often faces in its sporting and business decisions, and waded into the difficult question of who should decide when something is right or wrong for the larger objectives of the sport. We specifically called out the investment and influence...

Features 25/05/2018

The Outer Line: Scapegoat? The travails of Michele Acquarone

Just five years ago, Italian Michele Acquarone was heralded as one of the true innovators and future leaders of professional cycling. He had assumed oversight of the Giro d’Italia — by any measure the world’s second most important race and for many, the world’s most exciting race — at...

Features 08/07/2016

UCI: Are the CIRC Recommendations Being Implemented?

Brian Cookson took over the UCI Presidency in late 2013, heralding a new direction in pro cycling, and proposing sweeping changes in the way that the sport was managed and overseen. It was widely hoped that his election would signal the beginning of a new and cleaner era in...

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