Shannon Scovel

Shannon Scovel is a Fulbright Postgraduate at the University of Stirling studying women in sports media. She earned her bachelors degree in journalism from American University in Washington, D.C., where she also captained and competed on the varsity swim team. Shannon has written extensively about women in sport, and her work has also appeared in Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, ESPNW, USAToday and AOL Sports.

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New book tackles WADA policies with a focus on change and athlete rights

• Dr. Paul Dimeo and Dr. Verner Møller critique the anti-doping system and propose radical solutions to the problem of drugs in sports In their new book, The Anti-Doping Crisis in Sport: Causes, Consequences, Solutions, authors Dr. Paul Dimeo and Dr. Verner Møller unpack the current anti-doping policies enforced...

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