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Philip J. Atherton is a Professor of Clinical, Metabolic & Molecular Physiology, University of Nottingham. His past work has focused on the identification of central mechanisms regulating metabolism in human musculoskeletal tissues, and where appropriate, using more tractable in vitro cell or where appropriate, in vivo animal models. Combining molecular biology, stable isotope methodologies and detailed in vivo human physiology, he has been a key part of a team that has discovered a number of fundamental parameters that govern alterations in protein metabolism with age and disease. Daniel J. Wilkinson is an Assistant Professor in Physiology and Biochemistry, University of Nottingham.

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Is it safe to take exercise supplements?

An Australian woman with a genetic disorder died from consuming too many protein supplements, it was recently reported. The woman in question, Meegan Hefford, a 25-year-old bodybuilder, suffered from a rare, undiagnosed disorder that caused a fatal build-up of ammonia in her body (ammonia is produced when the body breaks down...

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