Paul Widdop and Simon Chadwick

Professor Simon Chadwick is a researcher, writer, consultant, speaker and academic with almost twenty-five years experience working across international and global sport. He has particular expertise in marketing, commercial strategy, geopolitics and elite professional sport. Simon is currently Global Director of Eurasian Sport and Professor of the Eurasian Sport Industry at Emlyon Business School. He is also Founding Co-Director of the China Soccer Observatory (part of the Asia Policy Institute at the University of Nottingham, UK). Paul Widdop's research focuses on the consumption and production of sport. Underlying these academic fields, his substantive research area is in the importance of place and networks. For the former he is interested in the contexts and mechanisms that make place a key driver in the formation and maintenance of sporting lifestyles and consumption behaviours. For networks, his approach is to understand consumption from a analytical sociology position, using predominantly a social network analysis methodology to explore relational and interactional dynamics. Place and networks are fundamental to understanding how consumption and production operates in modern societies, between the macro and micro aspects of society. Furthermore, he has a specific research interest in the production elements of the football industry or football worlds (adapted from Howard Becker Artworlds concept). In particular, his research explores the collective activity in this world, focusing on conventions, networks and resources.

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Football in Europe is being transformed by US private equity firms – here’s how

Football is changing, again. Many fans who have spent years watching their teams, either live in a stadium or on the television, have long had to face the fact that their teams are (more often than not) no longer owned and run locally. Russian oligarchs, Gulf nations and Chinese...

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