Paul Dimeo and Verner Moller

Dr Paul Dimeo is a Senior Lecturer in Sport at the University of Stirling. Dr Dimeo's research interest and expertise relate to drug use in sport and anti-doping policy. Dr Dimeo was a visiting Fulbright Commission Scholar at the University of Texas, Austin from September to December 2012, working on a project entitled: ‘The Doping of Elite Athletes in International Sport and the Politics of the Cold War, 1950-1990'. Verner Møller is a Professor of Sports Science at the University of Aarhus in Denmark. His doping research mainly focuses on the phenomenon within elite sports. He is interested in the connection between doping and the nature of elite sport. He is currently dealing with the background and rational for anti-doping, the cultural construction of the problem as well as the problem of providing a convincing definition of the doping concept. He approaches the topic on the basis of history of ideas and cultural analysis.

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The horror of the scapegoat

Thirteen years after the spectacular Spanish blood doping case Operación Puerto, which involved athletes from many sports and many countries, a similar case has just taken place once again. This time in Austria and Germany. In comparison to the Spanish case, the Austria-German one is petite. In Dr. Eufemiano...


Causes, consequences, solutions to sport’s anti-doping crisis

• In this article, first published by VeloNews, Professors Paul Dimeo and Verner Møller present an overview of their upcoming book on the global doping crisis that has hit sport. Dimeo and Møller are recognised experts in the academic field of anti-doping and their new book, ‘The Anti-Doping Crisis...


Elite sport: time to scrap the therapeutic exemption system of banned medicines

Four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome’s positive test for high levels of the asthma drug salbutamol in September during the Vuelta a España race has prompted much debate on the rules surrounding medicines in sport. In essence, some drugs are not allowed, and others are allowed up to a threshold level under a Therapeutic...

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