Paul Dimeo and April Henning

Dr. Paul Dimeo is a Senior Lecturer in Sport at the University of Stirling. Dr. Dimeo's research interest and expertise relate to drug use in sport and anti-doping policy. Dr. April Henning is a Lecturer in Sport at the University of Stirling, and conducts research on doping and health. Dimeo and Henning have published a number of articles in respected academic journals such as the International Journal of Drug Policy; Drugs: Education, Prevention, and Policy; Performance Enhancement and Health.

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How to improve anti-doping

There are many problems with anti-doping. That should be obvious to anyone with even a passing interest in what happens beyond the field of play in the world of sports policy, politics, governance, and athlete experience. With changes in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) leadership due to coincide with...

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