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Nick Harris is the Editor of Sporting Intelligence. He studied African development with a view to saving the world, but ended up a sports writer, currently with the Mail on Sunday. He has worked in France, Japan, Kenya and Scotland, and has written for The Independent, The Sunday Times and others...

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Features 03/11/2016

Drugs in sport survey 1998 – retrospective

The 1998 Tour de France was utterly overshadowed by drugs busts and irrefutable evidence of widespread cheating. This was apparently a new low in the global landscape of doping scandals. Apparently is the operative word. It would be a long time before the truth about cycling’s real doping problem emerged. Some might...

Features 01/08/2016

Exposed: The story behind Russia, doping & the IOC

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was aware Russia ran a state-sponsored doping programme in which the head of that nation’s WADA-accredited lab was a central figure as long ago as the first week of July 2013. I know this because I told them. I told them on the phone...

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