Neil Gibson

I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Sheffield Hallam University in the field of sport and exercise science. Since graduating I have worked with the English Institute of Sport in Manchester before moving north of the border to take up a position with Heart of Midlothian FC. Since then I have held the position of Senior Sport Scientist with Heriot-Watt University and more recently been appointed to Director of Sport, Performance and Health with Oriam: Scotland's sports performance centre. I am an accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach with the United Strength and Conditioning Association and a High Performance Accredited Physiologist and Laboratory Director with the British Association of Sport and Exercise Scientists. My current research focuses on the quantification of training load and its relationship to various physiological measures of performance and training design in association football. I am also interested in the physiological effects of bilateral and unilateral strength training in athletic populations.

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Blurred lines: building winning athletes in sport or just plain bullying?

Bullying can take place in all manner of settings, from the school yard to the boardroom. Recently there has been an increase in allegations associated with sport, particularly around athletes competing at the highest level. As one Canadian sporting body put it, bullying is a pattern of behaviour that occurs...

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