Neil Clarke

Neil is Principal Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science at Coventry University and course director for MSc. Sports and Exercise Nutrition. He is also an accredited BASES Sport and Exercise Scientist and hold Chartered Scientist status with the Science Council and has over 15 years’ experience working with elite and recreational athletes, as well as commercial companies. He teaches across a range of courses which include BSc. Sport and Exercise Science, BSc. Sports Therapy, MSc. Sports and Exercise Nutrition, MSc. Strength and Conditioning, MSc. Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences and MSc. Science of Youth Coaching and Development. His areas of expertise and research focus include the effect of nutrition and physiological responses to intermittent activity, with a focus on football and has several research outputs.

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Can coffee improve your workout? The science of caffeine and exercise

Caffeine is one of the most researched substances reported to help athletes perform better and train longer and harder. As a result, professional and amateur sportspeople often take it as a performance-enhancing “ergogenic” aids for a wide range of activities. These include intermittent exercise such as football and racket...

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