Laura Misener and Erin Pearson

Dr. Laura Misener is an Associate Professor and Director of the School of Kinesiology at Western University (London, Ontario, Canada). Her research focuses on how sport and events can be use as instruments of social change, with an emphasis how sport for persons with a disability can positively impact community accessibility and social inclusion. Her research program is interdisciplinary in nature and pushes the traditional boundaries of her field to emphasise the importance of critical scholarship for innovation. Erin Pearson is a PhD Student in the School of Kinesiology at Western University, Canada. Her research interests include sport events and their impacts, leveraging of events, and media representation of athletes. Erin is a recipient of the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship and Sport Participation Initiative Award.

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Should the Tokyo Olympics go ahead without a level playing field for COVID-19 vaccines?

24 March 2021, marked one year since the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games were officially postponed. Today, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic and the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) dream of hosting the Games in a “post-corona world” is no longer possible. Planning for...

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