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Kirsten Sparre has worked for The Danish Institute for Sports Studies and Play the Game since November 2019. Prior to that she was employed as News Coordinator with Play the Game from 2005-2007 and a frequent contributor to the website from 2007-2014 in a freelance capacity. She holds a degree in journalism from the Danish School of Journalism (1990) as well as an MA (1991) and a Ph.D in Peace Studies (1998) from Bradford University, UK. She has extensive journalistic as well as academic experience and held a position as assistant professor from 2014-2019 with the Danish School of Media and Journalism & Aarhus University, DK.

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Australian football executives sue FIFA whistleblower

• Two top men of Football Queensland have sued author Bonita Mersiades for reporting on a dubious payment made by the federation to its President. Other reporters on the case receive threats and hacking attempts. This article was originally published by PlayTheGame on 9 August 2020. Click here for the original....

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