Isobelle Kennedy and Andrea Scott-Bell

Isobelle Kennedy is currently a PhD student at Northumbria University investigating the conceptualisation and management of mental health and mental illness in elite sport. Isobelle comes predominantly from a psychology background, in which she holds a 1st class BSc in psychology and an MSc in sport and exercise psychology. Her undergraduate research investigated differences in personality traits across non, amateur and elite athletes. Isobelle's MSc research explored perceptions of recovery from mental illness in sports settings. Isobelle's current research for her PhD explores the conceptualisation and management of both mental health and mental illness in high-performance sport. Andrea’s interests are broadly focused on athlete wellbeing and healthcare in sport. She has published qualitative and quantitative work on the organisation and professionalisation of sport and exercise medicine, practitioner boundaries in multidisciplinary medical teams and the contextual factors that both enable and constrain healthcare professionals' management of illness and injury among athletes including Olympians and professional footballers.

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Team GB star’s death and the pressured world of elite sport

There’s no denying that being a world class athlete must come with an enormous amount of pressure. And in recent years, there has been a considerable increase in high profile athletes openly discussing their experiences of mental illness and mental disorders – Victoria Pendleton, Danny Rose, and Jonny Wilkinson...

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