Isabel Moore

Isabel Moore is a Lecturer in Sports Medicine and Biomechanics, Cardiff Metropolitan University. She considers how running biomechanics can be altered to reduce injury risk and/or improve performance. She also conducts research into rugby injury prevention. Additionally, she develops techniques to perform running gait retraining (altering biomechanics) based on motor control strategies. She is involved in several collaborations focusing on injury prevention, management and rehabilitation in sport with medical practitioners (e.g. Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin), national governing bodies (e.g. Welsh Rugby Union) and strength and conditioning coaches.

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Rugby players more likely than not to sustain a concussion after 25 matches in a season

Concussion is one of the biggest problems facing both rugby union and league. Rates of the traumatic brain injury in rugby union have been rising since the 2012/13 season, going from one concussion every 3.2 matches, to one concussion every 1.2 matches in the 2015/16 season. It has become such a problem that we have...

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