Howard Hurst and Jack Hardwicke

Dr Howard Hurst is a senior sport scientist and registered nutritionist at the University of Central Lancashire. In addition to his academic post, Howard is also the Director of coaching consultancy. His expertise are in cycling/triathlon performance analysis and nutritional support for athletes. Jack is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Winchester, within the Sport and Exercise Research Centre of the Department for Sport and Exercise Science. He is currently undertaking a doctorate investigating concussion in competitive cycling, under the supervision of Professor Eric Anderson, Dr. John Batten and Dr Howard Hurst. Alongside this, he is also actively investigating the the intersection of injury and masculinity in athletes.

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Cycling: head injuries ignored because of entrenched macho culture

Competitive road cycling is a demanding and unique sport. One where crashing is inevitable – especially at the professional level. While the risk of head injury is relatively low in cycling – approximately 5-13% – compared to contact sports such as rugby, the consequences of a head impact when...

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