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Declan Hill is a journalist, academic and consultant. He is one of the world’s foremost experts on match fixing and corruption in international sports. In 2008, Hill, as a Chevening Scholar, obtained his doctorate in Sociology at the University of Oxford. His book ‘The Fix: Organized Crime and Soccer’ has appeared in twenty-one languages. Hill was the first person to show the new danger to international sport posed by the globalisation of the gambling market and match-fixing at the highest levels of professional football (soccer) including the Champions League and FIFA World Cup tournaments.

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’Sometimes we fixed more games than we could bet’

• This article was originally published by PlayTheGame and by Declan Hill, on 16 August. The originals are available by clicking here or clicking here. The knock came late at night. Marko Stanovic – whose name has been changed to help protect him from the mob – was in...

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