David Lavallee

David Lavallee is Professor of Duty of Care in Sport at Abertay University. His academic qualifications include a PhD from the University of Western Australia, a Master’s degree in human development and psychology from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Boston College in the United States. His research aims to help protect the positive impact of sport. https://rke.abertay.ac.uk/en/persons/david-lavallee

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Manipulating and exploiting medal tables: an example of the continued commoditisation of athletes…and also fraud

At the recent summer Olympic Games in Japan, 1,080 podium places (340 Gold, 338 Silver, and 402 Bronze) were allocated across 339 events awarding medals1. A total of 2,401 medals were awarded to 1,996 individuals as some events have shared medals (e.g. boxing has shared Bronze medals2) and everyone who competes...


Lack of action on corruption, abuse and financial profiteering in sport could lead to a public inquiry

Having been appointed to the role of Professor of Duty of Care in Sport at Abertay University in Scotland four years ago, I have studied how major sport organisations across the globe respond to investigations associated with a range of mistreatment issues, including abuse, bullying and manipulation ever since...

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