Caroline Atkinson

Caroline was appointed as Group Managing Director of Versapak’s Doping Control Solutions in September 2019. Caroline is daughter of chairman Ian Denny Anderson and has ‘grown up’ with the company through the many years it has traded. Caroline previously held positions with a number of Investment banks, from her start as a junior IT developer at Nomura, progressing to her last role as the head of Business Change for Mizuho. Caroline has joined the fight for clean sport with huge enthusiasm. Leading the Doping Control team at Versapak to ensure that Versapak stays at the forefront of research and development, providing doping control equipment that athletes can rely on. Caroline’s belief is that the athlete voice must be at the centre of doping control policies and in helping to ensure the best athletes win, not the best cheats. Caroline also sets and manages The Versapak Group’s overall strategy focusing on achieving growth in both domestic and worldwide markets as well as ensuring there is a strong focus on the Versapak values of sustainability, quality and innovation.

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Versapak and other Doping Control Manufacturers have a key role to play in restoring athlete trust in anti-doping

Versapak hosted its first ever Open Morning at its headquarters in Kent on Monday 14 October. The Open Morning offered the media, our clients and other representatives of the clean sport community the opportunity to learn more about our growing doping control business and see first-hand Versapak’s new Red Dot...

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