Beth Clarkson, Alex Culvin, Keith Parry, Stacey Pope,

Beth Clarkson is a Senior Lecturer in Sports Management at the University of Portsmouth. Her interest is in understanding organisational and sociocultural barriers (and supports) for women coaches in male-dominated sports. Alex Culvin is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Professional Women’s Football at Durham University. A former professional footballer, her postdoctoral research is an ARHC project on women sport fans. Keith Parry is the Deputy Head Of Department in Department of Sport & Events Management, Bournemouth University. His research interests are based around the sociology of sport, with a focus on sports fandom and fan engagement. Stacey Pope is an Associate Professor in the Sociology of Sport, Durham University. She is a leading figure in the sociology of sport in the area of female sports fans.

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Coronavirus: the future of women’s football is under threat

Women’s football has made great strides in recent years. Attendances at the women’s FA Cup final continue to set new records. One survey suggested that one-third of adults are interested in the women’s game and 69% of those believe it deserves the same profile as men’s football. However, the...

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