Andy Brown and Jack Kerr

Andy has been writing about the governance of sport for over 15 years. Prior to working on the Sports Integrity Initiative, he was the editor of World Sports Law Report for eight years. He has also worked for the Press Association and has written for numerous trade magazines. He has also created, chaired and spoken at numerous conferences on the business of sport, and produced the Sports Law Show for iSportConnect TV. Jack Kerr is an Australian investigative journalist and documentary maker, who has featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, ABC, Vice and others.

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Fancy Bears email hack: USADA did follow up concerns

On Friday 25 November, The Sports Integrity Initiative received an email from Fancy Bears Hack Team claiming to ‘contain examples of sending WADA tests results to unauthorised persons, instability of ADAMS and subjective-based WADA decisions’, as well as evidence of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) competitors taking prohibited substances. The...

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