Andrew Barnes

Andrew is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science, Sheffield Hallam University. With a background in sports biomechanics, Andrew completed his PhD at Sheffield Hallam in the area of running injuries and biomechanical risk factors. As a fellow of the HEA, Andrew has nearly 10 years' experience of teaching in higher education and delivers a range of modules on both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. His main areas of teaching specialism include biomechanics and performance analysis. Andrew is an active researcher whose interests lie in the field of foot and ankle biomechanics, gait analysis, sports injury and performance analysis in rugby union.

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Wearing protective headgear in rugby may increase the risk of serious injury – new research

Rugby, with its rucks and its mauls, its scrums and its tackles, is considered one of the most physical sports played in schools.  Head injuries and concussions pose a serious threat to the welfare of young players. And research has shown that at youth level, on average between one...

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